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Franco D'Andrea meets Dj Rocca

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Date: Wednesday  29 July 2021


Start: 9.30 pm


Entrance opening: 8.30 pm


Place: MACTE - Museum of Contemporary Art

of Termoli


Free admission - reservations required

Reservations MACTE Secretariat 0875.808025email:


Termoli Jazz Secretariat 324 5846599email:


Franco D’Andrea - pianodj

Rocca - drum machines


 « It is an adventure, I had the feeling of losting myself in a slice of imoport music».

Franco D'Andrea


Franco D ’Andrea and DJ Rocca is a new and innovative project, born from the collaboration between two absolute protagonists of the Italian music scene, in the field of jazz and electronics. Franco d ’Andrea è among the best contemporary pianists and represents the excellence that Italian jazz has been able to give birth to in the last 50 years.


Roccatagliati aka DJ Rocca says: “I consider him a musician: a musician is also someone who makes noises, or who plays the ocarina, depends on the shape you give to music, which expression you give him [ …] his rhythmic ability has something out of the ordinary. DJ and producer already at the end of the 90s with the Maffia Soundsystem - collective of resident dj in man nimo club of Reggio Emilia - Rocca is one of the first Italian disseminators of sound breakbeat & drum and bass.


D'Andrea says “ … è for me an artist as I have always tried to be in my small way: eclectic. His progressive project Perigeo was formative at an early age [ …] in the 80s, I found Franco in my afro acquaintances, when he played with African musicians. ”

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