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Flavio Boltro Quintet

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Date: Friday 30 July 2021


Start: 10.00 pm


Entrance opening: 8.30 pm




Entrance fee: € 20  + presale


Buy the ticket FLAVIO BOLTRO QUINTET on www.ciatickets.com


You can olso buy tickets inTermoli at authorized dealers:


‚ÄčBar Firenze - Via Firenze

Tabaccheria Fioriti - Via Tremiti

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Termoli Jazz Secretariat 324 5846599

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Flavio Boltro - trrumpet

Gianluca Figliola - guitar

Pietro Lussu - piano

Vincenzo Florio - double-bass

Andrea Nunzi - drum


The quintet formed for this concert sees as leader Flavio Boltro one of the most sensitive and virtuous Italian musicians, highly appreciated both in Italy and abroad. Flavio Boltro at the age of 25 joins the Lingomania formation, with Roberto Gatto, Furio Di Castri, Maurizio Giammarco and Umberto Fiorentino. The collaboration with Steve Grossman dates back to the same period, with whom he regularly performs in international clubs and festivals in quintet with Cedar Walton, Billy Higgins and David Williams in the rhythm section, but also with Clifford Jordan and Jimmy Cobb.


Another decisive formation for his musical career is the original trio with Manu Roche on drums and Furio Di Castri on double bass, then expanded into a quartet with the arrival of saxophonist Joe Lovano. In 1984 he was elected "best talent" by the Musica Jazz magazine. In 1990 he won the international Umbria Jazz Award. In 1994 Flavio Boltro was selected with Stefano Di Battista in the ONJ, just before Boltro joined the sextet of the immense Michel Petrucciani.


In 1997 he joined the quintet with Stefano Di Battista, Eric Legnini, Benjamin Henocq and Rosario Bonaccorso. He has also collaborated, among others, with Dado Moroni, Andrea Pozza, Rosario Giuliani, Giovanni Tommaso, Fabio Zeppetella, Billy Cobham, Dario Chiazzolino and many others. With him will play Gianluca Figliola, a musician who soon established himself as one of the most original and innovative interpreters of jazz guitar, Pietro Lussu on the piano, Vincenzo Florio on the double bass and Andrea Nunzi on the drums.

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